A fun way to do business (and life) planning

When it comes to your business (and life), what springs to mind when you think about forward planning? Perhaps you have a few ideas about what you want to do in your business (and life!) in the coming year, but it all seems a bit, dare I say it, overwhelming, to think about goals, actions and accountability.

And yes, I know it’s already the end of January, so shouldn’t we already have got our plans in place and be raring to go with achieving the goals that we should have had written down by no later than the final chime of midnight as Hogmanay turned into January 1st?

But planning doesn’t have to be overwhelming and something to put off ’til next week. Last year I discovered a business AND life planner designed and created by Leonie Dawson, an Australian businesswoman and mentor whose target market is largely creative and spiritual women, but I get the feeling she would probably appeal to anybody who likes something a bit different and left field and is a bit bored of the usual planners and calendars. It’s not going to be for everyone, but it’s bright, it’s colourful, it’s inspiring and most importantly, it’s fun! I would definitely recommend clicking on the link below to check it out if you fancy reflecting on the year that’s just passed and if you’d like to get inspired for the year ahead.




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